About me

Soumya Rai

Since my childhood, I had been on the heavier side. But I gained a lot of fat after marriage. I was a whooping 86+kgs in 2012 after C-section delivery.

Postpartum depression was worst, and I kept gaining. People still underestimate it but postpartum depression is real. Slowly I understood the problem but I did not know any solution. So I tried everything that they suggested. Herbal life, GM diet and whatnot. I kept losing and gaining.
Then I joined Health and Fitness community. That community completely changed my views towards fitness. I started with a SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE-BASED approach.
The beauty of this lifestyle was learning the sustainable ways to lose fat and gain muscle mass and strength.
Wearing sleeveless and crop top was a dream for me. And now I believe dreams do come true. People around me have started calling me inspiration and I am totally in love with myself.
From feeling like a “fat lazy greedy buffalo” to now being a fitness enthusiast and certified Fitness and Nutrition consultant… I have come a long way!”