Diet before and during and after Pregnancy

It is a myth that we can eat anything and everything when trying to conceive, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. If you eat unhealthily, how can you expect that your kids will be born healthy? A mother’s diet is the only source of nutrition for her baby during pregnancy. They do not have any other option.

“Your growing little one relies on you to get the nutrients he/she needs to grow and develop into a healthy baby”
A healthy pregnancy diet should reflect a combination of macronutrients- Fats, protein and carbohydrates with a focus on several important micronutrients including essential fatty acid, and folate. Lacking essential nutrients may prevent the proper growth and development of your unborn baby, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc. Research suggests that when moms-to-be gain excess weight, the babies have a higher risk of obesity later in life. You should not overdo on refined carbs. White bread, white rice, sweets, sodas, chips etc. rush into your bloodstream, spiking your blood glucose levels. These spikes may result in fatter newborns, who are at greater risk of being overweight.

Being active and eating healthy can boost women’s fertility and it will help you to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Research has shown that being active before and during pregnancy can reduce the risk of having problems such as excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, macrosomia, Caesarean delivery etc. So make a wise choice for you and your baby.