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I build individualized online workout and nutrition programs and guide people seeking health and fitness.

Namrata Rai


I provide an array of comprehensive exercise programs that improve the chances of you reaching your fitness goals, whether they’re sport specific or general wellness. My online personal training services are affordable, effective, and packed full of real-world value.

I have a deep love for fitness and have a great passion for helping out a woman who may not have all the knowledge to reach their ultimate goals. Not only do I help you reach your fitness goals but I can help you with other body aches and pains that you may have using certain exercises.

I provide a wide variety of group fitness classes for almost every ability and interest.

Fitness Classes


Seniors who exercise regularly will be healthier, stronger and more energetic. Many exercises boast a lot of benefits to seniors. Depending on one’s fitness level, exercises can be modified to meet an individual’s fitness goals.




These classes are low key, low impact and designed to get the family moving together, classes are for ages 6 and up.




These classes are geared to our senior members (ages 65 and older) and include low-impact cardio, abs & strength.


My Fitness story began after my second C-section. Post pregnancy I weighted 75kg and managed to put on an additional 25 kg. I managed to lose all my post-pregnancy weight. Unfortunately, one day when I was working out hurt my back. The doctor advised me to avoid the gym completely and within a year I put back 28 kg. I became depressed and started to avoid mirrors. I did not like who I saw.

If at first, you don’t succeed, try try try again,” said the English novelist Frederick Maryat.

I knew I had to find myself again, the only person who could move me forward was myself. Now that I was a mother, the questions I used to ask myself as a child about why mothers did not take time to look after themselves came back to haunt me. It all made sense now, there were so many demands on my time to be a mother, sister, friend, wife and to find solitude for me to recoup.

To motivate myself I began working out at home. As I steadily lost weight, I had to go through another operation which resulted in me having to stop my rigorous regime to recover. Finally, after a few months, I started the gym again. I never lost hope. I wanted to prove to myself and other mothers that we could juggle life and stay on top of our health and fitness. I wanted to remind other mothers that we mattered too and that we were a priority. To look after other people, we had to look after ourselves first.

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A Realistic Approach to Fitness

One size does not fit all! When you become a member, you will receive personalized tools and programs to help ensure the achievement of your health and fitness goals.